Ang-Lì is an angel and is one of the main characters in the old comic series. In the cartoon, he is part of the background characters. He loves to read manga and has got 8 stars. He shares his likes with Cabiria and meets her frequently in order to exchange materials and opinions. He plays saxophone in the angelic band. He protected Ginevra in the comics. 



8 stars
Zeppo, the stick insect
Rival Devil
Earthly One

Personality and Traits

Ang-Lì 2
He is thin, has got blue hair caught in a short, low ponytail, dark eyes and
Ang-Lì 3

Cartoon version of Ang-Lì

wears glasses. He usually wears a white and yellow, short-sleeved, long shirt, a second short-sleeved shirt with yellow and orange square patterns, baggy white and yellow pants and underneath a second pair of pants, white and green tennis. His halo and wings are blue.

Ang-Lì is shown as a calm, greedy, fantasious and greedy angel.