Before the official cartoon series, Play Press released in 2009, Angel's Friends was a comic book for children where the adventures were nothing alike the current cartoon series as well as the characters had a different design and ages. Some characters that appear in the 2007 comics don't appear in the cartoon series and vice-versa, or in some cases they just appear as background characters.

After the release of the cartoon series in 2009, Preziosi Collection released other comics whose adventures never appeared in the cartoon episodes but keep the same style and plot of the cartoon series.

The 2007 comics released until 14 chapters before they were cancelled, the 2009 comics were also cancelled after releasing only four chapters and one special.

Play Press Comics - Plot

Earth is endagered by some primeval creatures, the Riviventi, controlled by a mysterious person. The Eternals ally temporarily to identify and apprehend the leader of the Riviventi, who they discover to be Malachia, a former Devil who gave up his eternal life for the love of a human woman, Vera. However when she left him, the man dediced to take revenge on Humans, Angels and Devils

Play Press Comics - Characters

Preziosi Collection Comics - Characters

Play Press Comics

Only 14 chapters were released before they were cancelled. The comics were only found translated to spanish.

  1. Il Giorno Eterno (The Eternal Day)
  2. L'Osservatore (The Observer)
  3. Solo Due Passi (Only Two Steps)
  4. Un Piccolo Male (A Little Evil)
  5. La Città Degli Angeli (The City of Angels)
  6. L'Ombra di Sulfus (Sulfus' Shadow)
  7. Il Neutromante (The Neutral)
  8. Spiffera-Segreto (Secret Blurts)
  9. Il Custode (The Guardian)
  10. Mai Più Insieme (Never Together)
  11. L'Altra Faccia dell'Amore (The Other Face of Love)
  12. Il Punto Sensibile (The Sensitive Point)
  13. Tra Sogno e Realtà (Between Dream and Reality)
  14. Una Scintilla nel Cuore (A Spark in the Heart)

Preziosi Collection Comics

Only 4 chapters and one special were released before they were cancelled. The comics are only available in spanish so far. The four chapters were released in 2009.

  1. Ricorrere il Vento (Chasing the Wind) - Andrea discovers Giacomo has got feelings for Ginevra as well, Raf and Sulfus challenge each other. Meanwhile Reina prepares her plan for Raf and Sulfus.
  2. Le Cose Non Dette (The Unspoken) - The humans and eternals visit Simone Ferell's museum, Sulfus tempts Andrea. Malachia sets an attack on the humans and eternals and brings back to life Ferell. 
  3. La Temptesta (The Storm) - While Andrea tries to speak with Giacomo, Lorena and Juan fall in a trap set by Simone as well as Arkhan and Temptel. Temptel's spirit enters in Lorena's fainted body.
  4. Fra Bene e Male (Between Good and Evil) - Reina orders Malachia to bring her Arkhan and Temptel's energies while the eternals and Temptel, in Lorena's body, try to stop Simone.

Special: St.Pietroburgo

This special was released in January, 2012 in Russia

  1. Matrimonio Fatale - Prima Parte (Fatal Wedding - Part 1)  - The eternals head off to St.Petersburg as their temporary new humans help in the wedding of the famous singer Tatiana Nova and the actor Nick Spaydi. Meanwhile a mysterious man prepares a wicked plan.
  2. Matrimonio Fatale - Seconda Parte (Fatal Wedding - Part 2) - Bronislav manages to get a mysterious painting inside the palace where the wedding will take place, meanwhile Tamara dresses up as Tatiana to trick the fans so they won't burst in the palace.
  3. Matrimonio Fatale - Terza Parte (Fatal Wedding - Part 3) - Flashbacks from Natasha Renné appear as she prepares for her wedding with Bronislav. Meanwhile Tatiana needs some time for herself and escapes the palace and the eternals are attacked by Bronislav's lead soldiers.
  4. Matrimonio Fatale - Parte Finale (Fatal Wedding - Final Part) - In another flashback it is revealed that Natasha Renné escaped from her own wedding. The eternals face Bronislav in order to stop him from going ahead with his plan.

Play Press Magazine Covers

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