Bronislav or Count Bronislav is a character and the villain from the 2012 Special St.Petersburg Comic. He was the last descendant of an ancient russian family of aristocrats, he was also the first alchemist of the court and an occult of black magic. He disappeared in 1917 on the day of his marriage with the famous opera singer, Natasha Renné. Bronislav lived since then obsessed with the idea of bringing back to life Natasha by transfering her soul, locked inside a portrait, into Tatiana's body. He is capable of transforming puppets into living creatures and make them bigger and with powers. 



Dark Magic
Natasha Renné (Fiancée, Deceased)

Personality and Traits

In his younger years, Bronislav had dark brown hair and dark eyes. By the time of the comic story, he is already an old man with white hair and dark eyes. He usually wears a dark green, turtle neck and long-sleeved shirt, light green pants and light grey shoes. Bronislav is a man who is obsessed with his love although she decided to leave him in order to have another life and does everything in order to achieve his ends.