Caterina's family is a big one, although that her parents, whose names were never mentioned, are divorced, remarried and had other children from their second marriage, Caterina lives with all of them at the same house.

From her parents second marriages, six more children were born. From her father's side, Caterina has got two unamed siblings, a brother and a sister. From her mother's side, she has got four siblings of which only one has got a name, Milo, besides him she has got another brother and two sisters. Curiously her brother is very similar to Alessandro, a human that appears a lot through the season and it is theorized that Alessandro could be Caterina's brother however no official source confirmed that theory.

Caterina's stepparents aren't named as well. Although she knows who are birth parents and her stepparents, Caterina calls all of them 'Mother' and 'Father'.



Caterina mother
Not much is known about Caterina's family members besides Milo. Caterina's birth mother has got long light blonde hair and light green eyes which her daughter inherited from her. She wears a long sleeved, turtle neck, bluish-green shirt and light grey pants. She is also Milo's mother. Her first appearence was on the seventh episode of Season 2 where she shows up at Caterina's bedroom to wake her up.


Caterina's birth father has got dark strawberry blond hair and brown eyes. He wears a light blue shirt and dark brown pants. His first appearence was on the seventh episode of Season 2 where he goes to Caterina's bedroom to wake her up and ask her to help out Milo getting ready for the trip.
Caterina father


Caterina stepmother
Caterina's stepmother has got short, dark brown hair and royal blue eyes. She wears a long sleeved dark blue shirt and a red skirt. Her first appearence was on the seventh episode of Season 2 where she, after Caterina's mother and father, goes to the girl's bedroom also to wake her up.


Caterina's stepfather has got short brown hair and dark green eyes. He wears a light yellow shirt and above a long sleeved, orange jacket and blue pants. He is also Milo's father. His first appearence was on the seventh episode of Season 2 to do the same thing as Caterina's mother, father and stepmother.
Caterina stepfather

Caterina Family

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