"Do I look like a sir?!"
— To Raf and her friends

Devil Barman

Devil Barman

Voiced by
Unknown (Original/Italian)
Unknown (English Dub)
Zolfanello City
The Rainbow Crypt
Rainbow Crypt's barman
First Appearence

Devil Barman is the bartender of Zolfanello City's Rainbow Crypt, the devil bar said to be named 'rainbow' because whoever goes in there sees all colors.


He has got short bright red hair caught in a small ponytail and a matching goatee, bright blue eyes and pale skin.

He wears a teal green shirt with ripped sleeves, dark grey and orange shorts and pale green and grey boots. He also uses a dark grey apron with the print of an erupting volcano. He has got dark grey tattoos on his arms and a light green bracelet on his left wrist. He uses two golden piercings on his right ear and one on his nose. His horns are really big, resembling the ones of a goat, and are light grey while his wings are orange.


He seems to be the typical devil who loves to joke and mess around with anyone. He seems to be a bit grumpy sometimes but loves to hear about challenges and bets.


He makes his first appearence when Raf and her friends go to ask him about the map to the Temple of V.E.T.O and call him 'Sir' to which he asks if he looks like a sir to them but Dolce quickly recovers their disguise and states that it's just an expression. The devil says he loves devils with sense of humor and asks them what they want to drink to which Urie says they aren't allowed but the bartender is quick to say they only let costumers inside the bar. When Miki asks to be served something light and fresh, the devil laughs at them.
After serving them several beers and the girls being nearly drunk, Raf finally asks the bartender if he knows anything about the map to the temple, he thinks about the question when Brutus interveins and launches his bet on the blonde angel.
The bartender tells the girls that if there is a bet involved then he will let Raf borrow his motorbike for the race. Later on he starts the race and not too long after declares Raf the winner.

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