Unlike Andrea and Ginevra who live with both their parents, Edoardo has got divorced parents and lives with his mother, whose name was never mentioned, and sometimes spends a few days with his father, Filippo, but most times their plans are canceled due to Filippo's work which makes the bond father/son to break more and more each time it happens.



Edoardo Mother
Not much is known about Edoardo's mother, it is unknown if she works or if she is a housewife. She has got curly dirty blonde hair caught by a dark green ribbon, she has got brown eyes which her son inherited from her. She wears a long sleeved, turtle neck, purple shirt and brown tights. Edoardo's mother appeared for the first and only time on the twenty-first episode of Season 1, she first appears by Edoardo's door, looking worried, as her son happily packs up his things to go spend a few days with his father. Later on the same episode, Edoardo's mother is seen discussing with her ex-husband through phone as Filippo tries to explain that he can't come this time.


Like Edoardo's mother, not much is known about Edoardo's father, except that he is a very busy man but loves his son nonetheless. He has got blond hair, a darker shade than Edoardo's, with the back of the hair turning white and dark grey eyes. He wears a brown tuxedo, typic of business men. Filippo's first appearence is twenty-one episodes after Edoardo's mother appearence, on the forty-second episode of Season
1 where he shows up at Edoardo's school in order to apologize to his son for not showing up the last time, when Edoardo refuses to listen, Filippo begs to give him another chance and to meet him at the usual hotel he stays, adding that he will stay there until the next day.