Fly with her own Wings is the first episode of the first season of Angel's Friends.

Fly with her own Wings
Season One, Episode One
Episode Information

Production Code101
Italian/Original TitleVolare con le proprie Ali
English TitleFly with her own Wings
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateOctober 12, 2009
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Raf , an Angel, leaves Angie Town to go to the Golden School on Earth, where she is entrusted with the protection of the Earthly One, Andrea . The Devil Sulfus is her rival, whose task is to tempt the boy. To decide who will have the first move on Andrea, the two challenge each other on a surf race, during which Sulfus pretends to be drowing. To save him, Raf grabs his hand and, breaking the V.E.T.O , loses her balance and falls in the water. The challenge is thus won by Sulfus, who, transforms into an Earthly One, convinces Andrea to disobey his mother. Meanwhile, a hooded person, Malachia , haunts the school. 

Major Events

  • Raf leaves her town to go to Earth
  • Raf meets Sulfus
  • Raf has her first challenge and loses
  • Raf and Sulfus break the V.E.T.O



Voice Cast






  • Speed Fly


  • Fire Fly


Note: These quotes are directly translated from the original dub and not from the english dub

"Look at your face! Calm down Angel, until you transform you are transparent." (Sulfus)

"But either you or devils must respect the V.E.T.O, V-E-T-O it's an acronym that stands for Veto of Exposing, Touching or Obstructing. You must never break this rule." (Arkhan)


  • When Raf is leaving her home and turns to say goodbye to her mother, the sparkly arrow on her pants changed shape
  • After Sulfus gives the game to Andrea, his star shape is different and is hair color is lighter
  • While she is taking care of Andrea's sister, Raf's red tuft changes place


  • Compliance with all the rules of the game leads to success
  • Trust must be earned


Angel's Friends - Episode 1 - English Subtitles

Angel's Friends - Episode 1 - English Subtitles