Friends Forever is the second episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Friends Forever
Season One, Episode Two
Title 2
Episode Information

Production Code102
Italian/Original TitleAmiche per Sempre
English TitleFriends Forever
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateOctober 13, 2009
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After breaking the V.E.T.O , on Raf 's and Sulfus ' hands appeared a mark with the shape of a red star. Raf dreams that she has returned to Angie Town , but her house is empty. As her best friend Urie comforts her, Raf and Urie meet two other Angels, Dolce and Miki . At school Andrea doesn't defend his friend Giacomo from three bullies. Raf and Sulfus challenge each other once more at the Challenge Room , turned into the Devils' city: Zolfanello City . Raf is attacked and followed by a dragon but thanks to Urie's and Dolce's intervention, she manages to win. Meanwhile, at the Limbo , Reina order her servant Malachia to bring her Raf's tears.

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  • Dolce is the one who names the group "Angel's Friends " adding also the phrase they all say "Together Forever" as the meaning they shall be friends forever no matter what happens
  • Miki is a repeating student just like Sulfus , though that information about the devil was never revealed but can be known by his age for he is 16 thunders and everyone, angels or devils, when attend the Golden School for the stage have initially 15 stars or thunders.
  • Malachia 's jacket design and Reina 's mask are the same: a spider



  • Speed Fly
  • Rock Fly


  • Meteo Fly


  • Sound Fly


Note: These quotes are directly translated from the original dub and not from the english dub

"I'm sweet as the sugar, or as the cakes, or as the caramels, ice cream and I'm sweet as honey and-!" (Dolce)

"Well of course not everytime, but whenever you are really in trouble, call us! We will fly straight to you! And this is a promise! Yes because now we are Angel's Friends, Together Forever!" (Dolce)

"It's almost as ugly as you!" (Raf)


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  • Bullying is harmful
  • Seek help when it's required
  • Confidence and courage are something good


Angel's Friends - Episode 2 - English Subs

Angel's Friends - Episode 2 - English Subs