Guards of the Limbo

Guards of the Limbo

Voiced by
Unknown (Original/Italian)
Unknown (English Dub)
Limbo, Blu
Guards of the Limbo's gates
First Appearence

The Guards of the Limbo are the masked guardians of the Limbo's gates. They serve Princess Blu and follow her orders.


Their faces are covered with white and yellow masks and their bodies covered with a large and long robe each one of them with switched colors. The guard of the left wears a mainly black robe with dark grey prints while the guard of the right wears a mainly dark grey robe with black prints. They both have their heads covered with hoods. They both hold in their hands big spears.


They make their short appearence when Blu returns to the Limbo. The guards bow to their princess and welcome her back to the Limbo. Then they open the gates after being ordered to let her through.