Lorena is the humans' teacher in the comics based on the animated series. She is later captured along with Juan and Temptel's soul ends up inside her body, forcing the eternal to live for a short time in a humans' body without being able to access to her powers. 



Juan Ferell (love interest)

Personality and Traits

Lorena has got burgundy hair caught in a high, curly ponytail and light eyes. She wears a purple jacket with a lilac shirt underneat, matching lilac pants and black high heels, she also uses glasses. When Temptel's soul possesses her body, Lorena's eyes change to a brownish-red color.

Comic Story

Lorena is first seen guiding the humans through a visit in Simone Ferell's museum, explaining every art created by Simone. When Ginevra adventures by herself through the museum, following her go Andrea and Giacomo, Lorena goes to search for them.

Once she finds and scolds them, Juan Ferell interveins in their defense saying that it was his fault, in there seems to be born a spark between the two. After the robots' attack, Lorena is seen leaving the museum with the students, Juan apologizes to her revealing there was a tecnical error and invites her to return to the museum for free next time.

Lorena returns to the museum without warning, revealing to Juan that she was too curious as the two walk inside a room with the robots not exposed in the museum. Juan realizes that his grandfather's statue is missing and the two follow the footprints leaving them to a wall. The wall moves and sends them to the other, revealing Simone Ferell's laboratory but the two only have time to see Lydia's painting before fainting due to a sleeping gas.

When Arkhan and Temptel try to find out what's going on inside the museum, they are captured and Temptel's soul leaves her body and enters in Lorena's fainted body. Waking up in her new, and human, body, Temptel escapes to warn the angels and devils, find a plan to defeat Simone.

When Temptel's soul returns to her body, Lorena faints again. She is last seen with Juan telling him that she doesn't remember anything that happened but agrees to return with him inside the museum to continue the visit.