The Low Spheres are the supreme leaders of Zolfanello City, they control the whole city and make the latest decisions over any case that centers with the Devils. At their service they have the Malebolgie

Low Spheres

Low Spheres

Rulers of Zolfanello City
First Appearence


In Season 1, the Low Spheres appeared in order to receive Professor Temptel for he had to report what was happening so far with her students in the first year of the stage. When Temptel began reporting Sulfus' situation, the Low Spheres admitted that he had excellent qualities but that they also knew the Devil wasn't the same for some reason. Later in the series, after Raf and Sulfus' sacrilege, the Low Spheres sent to the Golden School the Malebolgie with a parchment with the words "Expulsion", ordering so Sulfus' expell from school.