Mara is one of the characters of the old comic series. She is Edoardo's love interest and is the humans assigned to Urié and Gas.



Protected and Tempted by
Urie and Gas
Edoardo (love interest)

Personality and Traits

Mara has got middle-lenght blue hair, part of it covers her left eye, and blue eyes. She usually wears a short-sleeved yellow shirt decorated with green buttons and cherries designs, bell-bottomed jeans and orange sandals. She uses heart-shaped earrings and a matching small, red bow on her hair. Mara is a a very introverted girl, that is shy and very tender looking, between her and Edoardo seem to have been born a sparkle. Mara has got a blue teddy bear and brings it everywhere with her for she believes its a good luck charm.


  • The name "Mara" is from origin Hebrew and means "bitter" which is ironically the opposite of Mara's personality
  • In the trailer of the first cartoon idea, Mara is only seen as a background character along with Ginevra and Alessia