Mefisto is a devil and is one of the main characters in the old comic series. In the cartoon, along with Ang-Lì, he is part of the background characters. He loves music and has got 12 thunders. He is Sulfus' best friend and is always discussing with Gas due to his passion with food. He is the singer in the diabolic band and tempts Ginevra in the comics. 



12 thunders
Okkio, the gecko
Angel Rival
Earthly One

Personality and Traits

Mefisto 3
He is thin, has got middle-lenght brown hair with green tufts and dark eyes. He usually wears a reddish orange t-shirt with the words "Gunz" and violet horns and devil tail, around his neck is a pair of headphones, grey bracelets around his wrists, blue and purple jeans, dark green and purple boots and orange socks. His wings and horns are purple.

In the series, he wears similar clothes to the ones he uses in the comics but with different colors. He uses a black t-shirt with a red flame and an X formed by bones, blue and orange jeans, his shoes aren't shown. He keeps his headphones around his neck as well as his bracelets but they change color from grey to black and brown. His hair is still brown and green, his eyes are brown and his wings and horns are red.

In both versions he is always with him a bag, in the comics a purple bag with yellow thunders designed, in the cartoon a black bag with the design of a white skull.

Mefisto 2

Cartoon version of Mefisto

Mefisto loves music, especially heavy metal music, and his always listening to his MP3. He likes to play electric bass and electric guitar but can't stand the insects, especially the ladybugs. His favorite food are candies. Usually when he fights with others, he isolates himself from other for about ten or more minutes. He is described as rude, ignorant and speaks ungrammatical.