Natasha Renné is a character from the 2012 Special St.Petersburg Comic. She was a famous opera singer back in 1917 and fiancée to Count Bronislav. It was never known what exactly was her fate after she escaped from Bronislav on their wedding day but it is assumed that she might have died on that same day for she decided to run towards the opposite direction, possibly into the place where the revolutionaries were, as she stated to her fiancée that she had always dreamt with a new world. Another point that reforces that theory is the fact her spirit appeared later in the comics with her wedding dress on. It is also possible that Tatiana is her reincarnation because Bronislav only aims her soul as his target and not any other. 

Natasha Renné


Bronislav (Fiancée, Deceased)
Tatiana Nova (Possible reincarnation)

Personality and Traits

Natasha has got long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is seen caught in a high ponytail, with curly pieces let lose. Her wedding dress consisted in a long white dress, with puffy sleeves reaching her forearms, frills around her chest and a cloth around her waist, the veil is long reaching her back but is short in the front, reaching her nose. Tatiana used the same dress in her wedding day. Natasha appears to be a caring woman but also worried who wishes for a new life.