Playing with Fire is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Playing with Fire
Season One, Episode Seventeen
17 Playing with Fire - Doctor Urie
Episode Information

Production Code117
Italian/Original TitleGiocare col fuoco
English TitlePlaying with Fire
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateNovember 3, 2009
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On Reina’s orders, Malachia hangs a poster for the Caves of Obscurity in the school, immediately drawing the attention and enthusiasm of the earthlies. Even the teachers agree that it looks nice and a field trip is soon planned. Malachia reports back to Reina who plans to use the humans as bait for the eternal ones, limiting the watch kept on Raf and Sulfus’s behavior. Arkhan and Temptel recognize the danger in going on this trip but since the humans must be guarded, they have no choice, relying on Gabi and Misha to watch over their troubled students.

The angel students, including Gabi, are all excited by the trip. While they hang out in the park, Raf spies Sulfus and his crew, including Misha, approaching. Upset by their arrival, she fakes a stomachache and leaves, Gabi following after. At the same time, Andrea worries over Ginevra who seems to be catching a cold. She assures him she’s fine and doesn’t want to miss the field trip, but she does promise to check her temperature later. Urie is concerned and after following her earthly one home, she’s distressed when Ginevra wants to go on the trip regardless of her health. Cabiria approves of this plan and Urie challenges her to persuade Ginevra to either go on the trip or stay home.

The competition is rock climbing and Urie immediately takes the lead. Cabiria summons a monster to knock her down the mountain but when Uri uses a tree to race back up, the devil forgoes the rules to fly to the top. Urie calls for backup from Raf and Dolce who appear in front of Cabiria, countering her cheating tactics and allowing Urie to win the match. As the first move, Urie disguises herself as a doctor, claiming to be tracking an epidemic in the neighborhood. She runs a few tests on Ginevra, declaring her sick, then lectures her on the importance of minding her health, especially to prevent spreading it to her friends. Ginevra is disappointed to miss the trip, but agrees it would be best to stay home

Urie is proud of herself for convincing Ginevra and taunts Cabiria to try changing her mind. Ginevra tries to distract herself but everywhere she turns, through the television, radio and even on a billboard, are advertisements for the Caves of Obscurity (created by Cabira). It becomes too much to take and se gives into Cabiria’s pressures, deciding that she’ll go regardless of the fever.

The angel bemoans her loss while her friends comfort her that the free will of the earthlings make things tricky. Nonetheless, they are glad to have Urie with them on the trip but Raf is worried, her sixth sense warning her of something. In Limbo, Reina and Malachia go over her plan to release the Pherox onto the Cave grounds when the school arrives. The monsters appear and swarm Malachia who calls to Reina for help. She smirks at his distress, but gives him the Black Sphere to ward them away. It’s time for the events to start.

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  • Sulfus, Kabale, and Gas made minor appearances but had no lines in this episode.



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  • It is important to mind one's health and properly rest while sick


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