Sara J's family is extremely small, through the whole series it is only known of the existance of her mother although her father is once mentioned but nothing more than that.

Sara J lives with her harsh mother, whose named was never mentioned, who forces her daughter to play for hours and hours piano in order to be the best pianist.



Sara J's mother is a woman who doesn't seem to have any love at all for her own daughter, it is clear that most times she uses Sara J in order to become famous and known. She is so obsessed with her daughter becoming the best pianist ever that she won't let Sara J go out and have fun with her friends once in a
Sara J mother
while. She has got short platinium blonde hair and brown eyes, she usually wears a white shirt, a blue jacket and matching pants.

Her first appearence was on the third episode of Season 2 where Sara J practiced piano until her mother arrived at home, when she did, Sara J asked her if she could go out with her friends in order to do some shopping and have fun with them which her mother immediately said she wouldn't allow her to do so for the concert was three months away and Sara J had to practice a lot, stating then that she wouldn't be a failure like her father.