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"Be quiet, I have decided! You will do as I say!"
— Reina, after Scarap tried to discourage her from changing Malachia's potion (Season 1)



Reina (Formerly)
Activate Reina's metamorphosis
Resting Place
The beetle shaped gem of Reina's shirt

Scarap was Reina's mascot

Appearence Edit

Scarap was a small bright green and dark yellow scarab with big light eyes. She had three tiny legs on each side and a pair of dark yellow antennas. She was bigger than a normal beetle.

Series Edit


Scarap made an one episode short appearence. She was shown after Reina summoned her, intending to transform into a human so she could perform the plan she had formed. Scarap tried to discourage her from doing such thing but Reina ordered her to shut up and do as she told her to. Reluctantly, Scarap activated Reina's human metamorphosis.

She was later seen being summoned again by Reina to transform her back into her angel form.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Scarap had no known abilities or skills, her short appearence in the series showed none of them.

Trivia Edit

  • During her short appearence, whenever she talked only Reina was capable of understanding her.
  • Scarap's english name is 'Scarab'
  • The name 'Scarap' comes from the italian word 'scarabeo' which means 'scarab'.
  • It is unknown, at the moment, what happened to Scarap after Reina became a neutral but it is theorized that she disappeared forever.