Messengers of the High Spheres
First Appearence

The Serafini are the servers and messengers of the High Spheres.


The Serafini are sent to Earth by the High Spheres in order to take Raf back to Angie Town after she committed sacrilege by kissing Sulfus.
After many delays, the Serafini finally manage to reach Raf's bedroom and take the young angel away only to be stopped one more time, this time by both Arkhan and Temptel who just returned from the Limbo with proofs that would save both Raf and Sulfus from being expelled from the Golden School. The Serafini state that to Arkhan that the High Spheres will be waiting for the proofs before leaving.


The Serafini are usually elders or very talented Guardian Angels.

They all wear similar clothes mixing the colors of blue, white and gold. They usually wear long light blue dresses with golden, white and blue armors covering their bodies. Stating that they all are indeed Guardian Angels is their glowing light blue wings and golden halos, something that only the Guardian Angels possess.


  • The clothes of the Serafini resemble the Saints from the Bible.