Simone Ferell is a character and a temporary villain from the comics based on the animated series. He was a great researcher who wanted to create the perfect machine however his investigation and errors went too far which caused a lapse in the time of humans and eternals, making visible angels and devils. The machine however had an error and Simone ended up arrested in a statue of himself but his soul remained alive. Malachia brings him back to life in order to use him for Reina's benefits but things don't go as expected and Simone starts working again on the perfect machine only to be stopped by the Angels and Devils. 

Simone Ferell


Lydia (Wife)
Juan Ferell (Descendant)

Personality and Traits

Simone has got dark blue and grey spiky hair, mustache, bearb and dark eyes. He usually wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt and black tie.