Tatiana Nova is a character from the 2012 Special St.Petersburg Comic. She is a famous pop singer, known all over the city and fiancée to the famous actor Nick Spaydi. She is quite similar to the famous opera singer, Natasha Renné, from 1917 which makes her the target of Natasha's fiancée, Bronislav, who wishes to bring her back to life using Tatiana's body. 

Tatiana Nova


Nick Spaydi (Husband)

Personality and Traits

Tatiana has got long blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. Her hair is caught in a high ponytail, with curly pieces let lose. On daily days she wears a short-sleeved pink shirt, light blue, tight jeans and matching pink and white tennis. Her bride dress is the same that Natasha used on her wedding with Bronislav, a long white dress, with puffy sleeves reaching her forearms, frills around her chest and a cloth around her waist, the veil is long reaching her back but is short in the front, reaching her nose. Tatiana appears to be a sweet, romantic and lovely woman but also desiring for a normal life next to Nick without the paparazzis following them around all the time.