The Willow Tree is a magical talking tree from Angie Town, more specifically set in the Heavenly Gardens of the angels' city. Although it seems ridiculous to those who don't know the tree's abilities, many are afraid of the Willow Tree. The tree attacks Sulfus and his friends on 2x39, "In Enemy Territory - Part 1"


The Willow Tree is a normal tree. It is a tall light brown tree with long green leaves. Making it different from a typical tree is the face carved in the trunk and the ability to talk.


The Willow Tree is capable to talk like a normal person however it can also attack and turn the people, who come to ask it their questions, into plants. The willow tree is known for doing so if the people fail to answer correctly its three questions and therefor is greatly feared even by its guard.


After Sulfus requests for the tree to give them its question and the guard of the place goes into hiding, the Willo Tree launches its first question: "Can you explain to me the exact meaning of the word V.E.T.O?" to which Sulfus answers correctly.

The second question follows: "What is the most important thing to a terrestrial?", one more time the question is answered correctly, this time by Kabale.
Willow Tree

The Willow Tree asks the third question: "Who was the first angel to defeat a devil?". This question is not answered correctly and so the tree attacks Sulfus and his friends in order to turn them into plants. After a though battle and Sulfus' group almost losing, the tree backs off and releases them after being threatened by Gas. To complete the blackmail, it is demanded for the tree to answer their question about where the Angels map to the Temple of V.E.T.O can be found.
The Willow Tree answers them telling them that it can be found in the Heavenly Gallery.